For general purpose daily odour neutralising in bar, toilets and front of house areas most venues use a odour masking‚ Air Fresheners.

Air Freshers only temporarily mask the odour or are formulated to block ones sense of smell. Bracton has taken a different approach with Vanilla Fresh, developing a commercial grade disinfectant, based off AQIS formulation that kills bacteria and mould and encapsulates odours at the source, working in areas where traditional deodorisers do not work! BractonSafe Vanilla Fresh is the most effective odour remover from indoor areas such as toilet areas to remover urine smells, garbage areas carpets, tiles, rubber mats, fridge, cars and more.

Vanilla Fresh is ideal for the cleaning of commercial fridges, fridge seals and freezers.

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4.5 LTR – (6 x 750ML SPRAYPACK), 9 LTR – (12 x 750ML SPRAY PACK), 15 LTR – (3 x 5 LTR PER CARTON), 25 LTR DRUM

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