There are some trade secrets to achieving a showroom finish on brushed and mirror finish stainless steel surfaces.

With the right equipment and application method your stainless steel surfaces can achieve a flawless finish with minimal effort. The key mistake made when cleaning stainless steel is that the user applies too much product or selects the wrong product for the task.

Spray a light coat of BractonSafe Stainless Steel Polish on to the surface or apply the volume equivalent of 10 cent piece to a lint free white rag and rub onto the surface, this will leave the surface spotless! In the event the stainless has tealeaf rust stains or surface corrosion, use SoSafe Metal Bright to remove these heavy stains.

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4.5 LTR – (6 x 750ML PER CARTON), 9 LTR – (12 x 750ML PER CARTON)

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