RAR Internal Training Program

Formal TAFE training covers a broad spectrum of skills required across the refrigeration and air conditioning trades. Whilst this training is vital to the development of Apprentices, with such a wide range of skills required across the refrigeration and air conditioning industry it became apparent our apprentices were not receiving enough training in certain specific skills required for our companies requirements within the Hospitality Industry.

RAR Group has invested heavily in developing a comprehensive structured “hands on” Internal Training Program for our Apprentices. The practical training program was developed specifically to supplement the training received from TAFE and further develop these skills which are specific to our company’s core tasks.

The RAR Group Apprentice Training program runs in parallel with TAFE training over three-year period delivering detailed training each quarter as detailed below. On completion of Quarter 4 training each year our Apprentices also must pass a “Capstone” examination developed by RAR Group.

RAR Group has also developed training for our technicians

  • Refresher training for our Service Technicians
  • Commissioning System training for our Installation Technicians
  • Beer Reticulation Systems

To facilitate the practical training a purpose built Training Room recently developed and installed at our Condell Park Facility. The Training Room includes numerous Refrigeration and Beer Reticulation systems across the spectrum of systems our technicians work on daily within the Hospitality Industry.

The room was designed and constructed by our Senior Technicians who also our “Instructors” delivering the training program.  The training is provided on individual components of these systems and how they integrate into the overall operation of the systems. Moreover, the design of the facility allows our Instructors to insert common faults for our Apprentices and Technicians to diagnose and repair.   This enabling them to develop “best practice” common fault finding skills to minimise repair times when these faults are presented to our technicians in the field.

RAR Group is clearly the Industry Leader in the important development of the skills required by Refrigeration Technicians working in the Hospitality Industry.  Our clients can be assured that RAR Technicians are the most well trained Refrigeration Mechanics in the Industry delivering quality workmanship and diagnosing and repairing defects in the shortest possible timeframe.

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