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Ice Makers



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K2 Ice Machines, a division of Rob Adam Refrigeration are specialists in all Ice Machine systems used in  industry.   Whether it is service and maintenance or supply and install, you will find no better solution in the greater Sydney area than K2 Ice Machines.

Contact us today to discuss your Ice Machine solution and keep reading below for the latest information regarding this important part of our industry.

If you are after an ice cuber or flaker we will have the machine to suite your requirements.   The machines are sized from small low volume situations such for domestic use up to large capacity and storage machines for commercial and industrial.

Between our two preferred brands being Hoshizaki and Stuarts machines we have an ice maker to suite your specific needs.   

If you would like to make a general enquiry please Contact Us or look  further down for more specific information regarding the machines available.

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The Hoshizaki Range covers all machines from domestic to a busy Hospitality outlet. Shown is an IM-45CLE-25 that will produce 29KG/24 hours and has 15KG ice storage. Ideal for a small food outlet. The Largest Ice Cube machine will produce 400KG/24hours and will suite larger applications such as hotels, receptions or clubs. There are multiple ice head and ice bin combinations to suite your specific needs for any application.

For peace of mind when purchasing a new machine Hoshizaki include a large all parts and labour manufactures warranty on their new machines. The KM and IM series have a 3 year parts and labour warranty as well as a 5 year warranty on the compressor and condenser coil. The FM series has a 2 year parts and labour warranty as well as the 5 year compressor and condenser coil warranty. Hoshizaki are known for their high quality equipment and show their commitment to it with their long warranty periods.


Model   Ice Production Ice Storage Dimensions Power Requirements
KM-30A 30kg/24h     15kg   450W x 610D x 850H* 240V / 1.5 amps  
KM-50A    50kg/24h   25kg   603W x 610D x 850H*   240V / 2.1 amps  
KM-75A   75kg/24h   37kg   500W x 610D x 850H* 240V / 3.8 amps  
KM-100A   100kg/24h   40kg   500W x 610D x 775H* 240V / 4.0 amps  
  KM-125A 74kg/24h   36kg   670W x 700D x 825H* 240V / 4.0 amps  
KM-515MAH-E/B500SF   189kg/24h   223kg     782W x 825D x 1938H* 240V / 15 amps  
KM-650MAH-E/B500SF   230kg/24h   223kg   762W x 825D x 2118H*    240V / 10 amps  
KM-650MAH-E/B800SF   230kg/24h   363kg   1219W x 825D x 2118H*    240V / 15 amps
KM-900MAH-E/B800SF   333kg/24h   368kg   1219W x 825D x 2118H*    240V / 15 amps  
KM-900MAH-E/B900SF   333kg/24h   408kg   1321W x 825D x 2118H*    240V / 15 amps  
KM-1301SAH-E/B900SF   445kg/24h   408kg   1321W x 825D x 1863H*    240V / 15 amps  
KM-1301SAH-E/B1300SF   445kg/24h   578kg   1218W x 786D x 2223H*    240V / 15 amps  

 * = (+/- 20mm for Levelling)


Model   Ice Production Ice Storage Dimensions Power Requirements
IM-30CLE-25    28kg/24h   11.5kg   398Wx495Dx695H*   240V / 2.8amps  
IM-45CLE-25   41kg/24h 15kg 633Wx506Dx690H* 240V / 10amps  
IM-45CLE-28   41kg/24h   15kg   503Wx456Dx850H*   240V / 3.6amps  
IM-45LE-25   39kg/24h   18kg   633Wx506Dx850H*   240V / 3.6amps  
IM-65LE-25 56kg/24h   26kg   704Wx506Dx1200H*    240V / 3.8amps  
IM-100LE-21   98kg/24h   50kg   1004Wx600Dx800H*   240V / 4.3amps  
IM-100CLE-21 92kg/24h   76kg   704Wx506Dx1200H*    240V / 4.3amps  
IM-130ME-21 110kg/24h   50kg   704Wx506Dx1200H*   240V / 4.8amps  
IM-130ME-28   110kg/24h   50kg   704Wx685Dx1510H*   240V / 4.8amps  
IM-240M2E-21   217kg/24h   110kg   1084Wx800Dx396H*   240V / 7.8amps  
IM-240M2E-28   217kg/24h   110kg   1084Wx800Dx396H*    240V / 7.8amps  

 * = (+/- 20mm for Levelling)


Model   Ice Production   Ice Storage   Dimensions   Power Requirements  
FM-120EE   80kg/24h   26kg   640W x 600D x 950H*   240V / 3.5amps  
FM-120EE-50   80kg/24h   57kg   940W x 690D x 950H*    240V / 3.5amps  
FM-251AFE/B300SF   150kg/24h   136kg   W x D x H*    240V / 6.8amps  
FM-481AGE/B500SF   300kg/24h   226kg   762W x 825D x 1948H*   240V / 7.5amps  

 * = (+/- 20mm for Levelling)



This machine is the only machine that is manufactured in Australia. The SC range of ice makers are specifically designed with larger condensers to withstand and operate in the harshest Australian summer temperatures. these machines have 2 years warranty on all componants and a limited life time warranty on the electronic lodgic board and power board.


Model   Ice Production   Ice Storage   Dimensions   Power Requirements  
SC130/B   152kg/24h   100kg   730W x 600D x 1435H*   240V / 3.8amps  
SC270/B   296kg/24h   220kg   730W x 930D x 1785H*    240V / 8.5amps  
SC500/B   575kg/24h   320kg   1050W x 930D x 1992H* 240V / 12amps  
SC1000/B   1136kg/24h   565kg   1800W x 930D x 1990H*   415V / 10amps  
SC1000/CB   1136kg/24h   320kg   1050W x 930D x 1990H*   415V / 10amps  
SC2000/B   2300kg/24h   690kg   1800W x 1130D x 1990H* 415V / 18amps

 * = (+/- 20mm for Levelling)

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